The European VoD Meetings is the first professional training and event especially conceived for European VoD platforms and aggregators specialised in arthouse, independent and European films. The goal of the training is to reinforce the competitiveness of the European VoD platforms, preserving the richness of the cultural diversity of their catalogue, through the transmission of know-how and peer-to-peer learning, by fostering the implementation of innovative projects for the benefit of all the European audio-visual industry, producing an updated and comprehensive analysis of the needs of the sector and its opportunities, and stimulating a better comprehension of the dynamics that could influence the circulation of European, arthouse and independent films in Europe as elsewhere.


The training is born from the urgency of the European VoD platforms and aggregators to meet and cooperate, to open the dialogue among each other and with the other sectors of the chain of rights. Video on Demand is a young sector the industry based on technological innovation, gathering different knowledges and backgrounds that need a constant up to date: transparency, communication, data analysis, cooperation, confrontation about the hot topics of the business, development of new projects, acquisition of technical, artistic, marketing, trading and management tools.

The training is organised in 2 residential workshops of 4 days each, taking place in Venice, Italy, during the Venice Film Festival, and in Berlin, Germany, during the Berlinale Film Festival. 8 days of lectures, workshops, public conferences, case studies and debates.


The Venice Workshop

> Market analysis, facts and figures of VoD in Europe

> Audiovisual Piracy

> Digital distribution of heritage films

> European Public Policies

> Technology for VoD platforms

> Audience Development

> Projects Pitch & Workshop

> Screenings at the Venice FF

Trading at the Venice Production Bridge

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Open to 35 executives and intermediate professionals per workshop:

> VoD platforms (marketing, technical, editorial, trading, management departments)

> Aggregators

> Service and technical providers working with or interested to work with VoD platforms

> Audio-visual professionals willing to work and collaborate with VoD platforms or set up new services (authors, production and distribution companies, cinemas and festivals)




–  5th August 2018 for the Venice Workshop

If you want to take the opportunity to pitch a project in development and looking for partners and investors, are invited to apply with a project.



1 workshop: 1.050€




Shared double room with another participant = rebate of 225€

No accommodation = rebate of 300€

Film Festival Accreditations

No Industry accreditation to the Venice Film Festival = rebate of 170€


Priority given to EuroVoD Members, to participants from European countries at low audiovisual production capacity.

Travel Scholarships: 3, for non-European participants or for participants coming from low production capacity countries with expensive flight tickets. It corresponds to the reimbursement or to a contribution to the purchase of the flight ticket, until a maximum of 300€

Full Scholarships: 5, for European VoD platforms and aggregators coming from low production capacity countries, and it is given in priority to the companies in a start-up phase (maximum 3 years) or proving financial issues. It covers the tuition and the subsistence costs. 1050€

Subsistence Scholarships: 2 scholarships of 600€ covering the subsistence costs, for European VoD platforms and aggregators coming from high production capacity countries, in a start-up phase (maximum 3 years) or proving financial issues

Tuition Scholarships: 3 scholarships of 450€ for the second person of the same European company participating. This scholarship is give in priority at start-up companies, or coming from low production budget, or proving financial issues

A participant attending both the workshops can’t benefit from the same scholarship twice.


Participants are encouraged to apply for financial support with their national or regional funding bodies first (like film funds or fundings for professional training courses). Please ask the MEDIA Desk in your country if there are any funding opportunities available. Kindly inform us if you apply to a national or regional fund.


For question or further information, please contact:

Silvia Cibien 

M. +33 638867842