Why HEROES 20.20.20.?

The need to inform citizens on the energy savings and efficiency initiatives that are active and available in Sardinia has been transformed by Sardinia Film Commission FoundationSardegna Ricerche and the Department for Industry – Energy Services into an investment opportunity on the new forms of communication, with the realization of original audiovisual products aimed at the general public.

Cinema, TV and web series, thus, become the means to promote and consolidate the eco-sustainability best practices of the Sardinian production chains involved in the project, and an opportunity to trigger a virtuous system of investments in mutual areas of activity.
The goal is to kickstart innovative and experimental projects, capable of generating quantifiable effects, while involving young talents, resulting in good economic multipliers on the territory.
Several initiatives of this project have been planned in Sardinia for 2014-2015: competition announcements about the production of audiovisual materials (web series, short films and documentaries), training and masterclasses aimed at celebrating the excellence cases and the stories of “everyday heroes”, heroes of energy savings and efficiency: businesses, citizens, the third sector, public authorities and all those who contribute every day to make Sardinia achieve the objectives of a “green” 20.20.20 Europe.

The social and economic footprint of HEROES 20.20.20.

Between 2014 and 2015, the project invests 2’000’000€ of which more than 900’000€ are exclusively devoted to the production of audiovisual products, i.e. 19 short films and 13 web series, dedicated to the many issues related to the concept of sustainability, including: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, bio-architecture and new rurality.

The announcements for short films and web series are aimed at two different targets: 0-17 year olds and from 18 onwards. They include different styles: animation, documentary, sit-com, musical and even science fiction.

Approximately 800’000€ were invested in advertisement campaigns and interventions aimed at the local supply chain, green companies and non-profit organizations of the territory, in a capillary action of dissemination of the ethical aspects of this project and the active training needed to prepare the local economy to build and manage a green set.