The Sardegna Film Commission Foundation is looking for new locations to insert in its own portfolio to allow producers consulting it.

We look for facilities of all kinds, public and private (historic palaces, villas, apartments, business premises, industrial, sport, tourist or agricultural facilities), located throughout the regional territory.

Your property might be perfect to host a film or TV set!

The service is totally free. To propose your property just fill in and send the two attached modules with at least 6 photos (interiors and exteriors) of the property to the email address   (subject “LOCATION PROPOSAL”).

The Foundation will select the locations to be proposed to Producers, depending on its experience and knowledge of the needs of each specific set.

In case your location will be chosen, you will be contacted by the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation, which will provide you with the data of the artistic project. It will also get you in touch with the Producing location manager, through which you may negotiate your economic agreement with the Producer.