A guide to film-making in Sardinia

Sardinia is a treasure trove holding marvels of inestimable value. It is an island of extraordinary beauty and riches whose unique identity is the outcome of the superimposition and interweaving of cultures and civilizations over thousands of years. The island’s cultural and landscape heritage, with its wealth of tangible and intangible expressions, tells the tale and conveys the feeling of a place which has been a crossroads of the Mediterranean since the dawn of time.

Production guide

Regional policies target investment in the film industry, providing tools for the promotion and development of filmmaking and related activities on the island. The Sardegna Film Commission offers a full range of knowhow, professional skill and enthusiasm to film productions that choose the magic of Sardinia as a location for their projects. The Regional Film Library of Sardinia-Audiovisual Documentation Centre plays a key role in the cFSFC – First Contact Formonservation and dissemination of audiovisual materials, not only preserving the memory of the past but also promoting experimentation, creative projects and the exploration of new languages.