On December 2, 2015, at the Borsa BTO of Florence, one of the most important events in the world of online tourism, the new digital agenda for the tourism in the island has been presented. To illustrate the promotion strategy to highlight Sardinian products through websites and social media on the Sardinian product markets, there was the councilor of Tourism, Handicraft and Commerce, Francesco Morandi.

Sardinia – he said – an ancient, but always technologically advanced, island, holds a place of excellence in the promotion through internet and social networks: its participation in BTO 2015 will be an opportunity to launch the Island on the global market, thanks to an innovative strategy based on the regional digital agenda and the quality of life, and to confirm how much we are advanced in the innovation that drives tourism“.

The Buy Tourism Online was the occasion to announce web communications projects and tools, starting with the new portal Sardegna Turismo. The site will have a motivational function and will display products, excellences and localities, the operational guidelines of an holiday, thanks to its renewed area operators, and the orientating function during a tourist’s stay, thanks to the Hyperlocal 2.0 technology, that will involve local authorities and communities.

The island promotional activities will be carried out in synergy with the Sardinia Film Commission and will be supported by trends and big data, thanks to the activity of Crs4, with the aim of replicating the excellent visibility of results and effectiveness of promotional strategies obtained with Milan Expo 2015.